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France Lotto Results

France Lotto Results Saturday 24 April 2021



The latest France Lotto results from the Française des Jeux in France are out, following the draw on Saturday 24 April 2021.

As such, the France Lotto results* on Saturday 24 April 2021 are as follows:

France Lotto results:

12, 26, 36, 41, 42,  Bonus ball: 7

The France lotto (Loto) offers some of the best chances to win with draws three times a week. Find the latest winning numbers here after each game, and click the ‘Prize Breakdown’ button to get the full French lotto results and find out if you are a winner in either the main draw or the French Loto Raffle.

+ 10 winning codes at € 20,000 **

*Do note that we endeavour to publish the France Lotto results as soon as they are released, which is usually at 21:40 South African time, or shortly thereafter.

Estimated Jackpot

The La Française des Jeux indicated that the jackpot stands at €5 million, which is approximately R88.7 million.

The rest of the France Lotto payouts for the draw as follows:

4 correct numbers €234.50 (578 recorded winners)
3 correct numbers + bonus ball €42.90 (1884 recorded winners)
3 correct numbers €17.30 (16760 recorded winners)
2 correct number + bonus ball €9.00 (25177 recorded winners)
2 correct numbers €3.90 (225807 recorded winners)

Current Draw and Jackpot History

The last time the France Lotto produced one jackpot winner was on 15 February 2021. The lucky winner walked away with an amount of €15 million (approximately R266.3 million).

France Lotto Results Trivia

Interestingly, the most commonly drawn winning numbers per the France Lotto results over the years, largely remain the same, and are 41, 13, 1, 16, 22 and 29 – with 15 bubblings under. The least drawn number is 8, which has only been drawn 171 times.

The Odds of Winning France Lotto

The odds of winning the France Lotto jackpot are 1 in 19,068,840. Why is the number so impressive? Well, the lottery features a 5+1 format that makes the task of hitting the jackpot a little bit more challenging than what other lotteries have to offer.

There are 6 prize tiers, each one with its specific odds. Getting 5 correct numbers comes with odds of 1 in 2,118,760 and having 4 correct numbers features odds of 1 in 9,631 per drawing. The overall odds of winning any France Lotto prize are 1 in 5.99.

France Lotto Payouts

Similar to last Wednesday, the France Lotto draw on 7 April 2021 produced zero jackpot winners, i.e. division one (five correct numbers + bonus ball).

There were zero winners in division 2 (five correct numbers).

At the same time, a total of 53 people managed to guess four correct numbers and the bonus ball, and they walked off with an amount of €3,614.00 (R62 134.35) each for their efforts.

Meanwhile, at the bottom end of the winnings table, some 305349 people managed to match just the bonus ball, or one number plus the bonus, and they won €2.20 (R37.83) each.

France Lotto Prize Breakdown

As you can see in the table below, France Lotto has 6 prize tiers. Winnings are tax-free and given in one cash lump sum.

France Lotto has a minimum guaranteed jackpot of 1 million euro. As already mentioned in prior sections of the review, the sum will roll over towards the upcoming drawing if there are no winners. The jackpot will roll over a maximum of 34 times. If there are no winners during the 34th drawing, the prize money will roll down.

France Lotto Prize Breakdown


1 Prize
5+1Nº Chance
No Winners
2 Prize
€ 105,688.50
3 Prize
4+1Nº Chance
€ 1,052.80
4 Prize
€ 453.80
5 Prize
3+1Nº Chance
€ 53.00
6 Prize
€ 21.10
7 Prize
2+1Nº Chance
€ 10.10
8 Prize
€ 4.40
9 Prize
1+1Nº Chance
€ 2.20
10 Prize
0+1Nº Chance
€ 2.20

France Lotto Playing Rules:

France Lotto has a double matrix. Players need to choose 5 numbers in the range from 1 to 49 and 1 number in the range from 1 to 10. To win the jackpot for the respective drawing, players should match all 6 of the numbers.

Apart from having a jackpot, France Lotto features 9 additional prize tiers. The odds of winning any prize are fairly good, making the game extremely popular.

In the past, France Lotto rules stated that only French residents could participate. Today, things are a bit different. France Lotto is open to international players, giving people from all parts of the world an opportunity to enjoy the wonderful jackpots and additional prizes. The process of ticket buying has been simplified after the appearance of online lottery agency platforms.

Check Your France Loto Results

The France Loto includes ten amazing prize categories, and players must match five winning numbers as well as one additional number to win the jackpot. The numbers are drawn from a drum with a guess range 1-49, and the additional number is drawn from a separate drum with a guess range of 1-10.

The generous lottery offers 1 in 16 odds of winning any of its prizes, and to get the last prize category, players match only the additional number! The additional number helps French Loto fans win the 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, and 10th prize categories. It also helps that all France Loto wins are tax-free! If you’re a fan of European lottery games, try playing Germany Lotto for huge jackpots paired with great odds of winning!

France Loto Raffle Results

All tickets purchased for France Loto automatically participate in the supplementary France Loto Raffle, staged three times a week in parallel to the regular lottery draw. Ten prizes worth €20,000 are awarded in this French raffle.

Did you win this raffle prize? After each France Loto draws, we’ll check your tickets against the winning raffle codes and notify you if you win. In addition to France Loto, there are several other European lotteries that offer raffles, including Spain EuroMillions, Austria EuroMillions, and Canada 6/49 to name a few!

How to Receive FREE France Loto Results

To receive your FREE Loto France results online, sign up for email notifications here. Keep up with winning France Loto numbers on the go with the theLotter’s FREE apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android. Download the mobile apps today and get immediate access to results and information of worldwide lotteries, as well as access to the last ten France Loto draws! Find your draw schedules, select your France Loto lucky numbers to play the next draw, and see winning numbers, all from the comfort of your mobile device!

How to play France Loto?

France Loto is a classic lottery in the 5/49 format. What does it mean? To play France Loto 5/49, a player has to select 5 numbers from 1 to 49 and one additional number from 1 to 10. Of course, to hit the France Loto jackpot, a player has to correctly guess all 6 numbers.

During the draw, a lottery machine selects 5 basic numbers from the first drum and 1 additional number from the second drum.

All the French players who live in France can buy the tickets the traditional way. How? They can visit the local lottery store and fill in the paper lottery coupon, and after payment, they can collect their official paper lottery ticket. Every single draw of France Loto is very popular – you can see the queues waiting in front of lottery shops to buy the tickets.

How to check France Loto Results?

For every single lotto player, the latest lotto results and winning numbers are extremely important. How to check France Loto 5/49 results in France?

It’s easy! After each draw, the official lotto results are published in the local French newspapers. Of course, the French players can watch the draw live on the local TV and they can also check the France Loto 5/49 winning numbers during a visit to the local lottery store. What is more – the official results are also available on the official website at

If you want to check the latest France Loto 5/49 results in other countries – you can use our website! We present the latest results of the draw of France Loto, and we also offer the best France Loto 5/49 results archive. At LottoPark you can check the lotto results from the previous week, from the last month, and even the results from the last year!

How to use the France Loto 5/49 results archive? You can check which numbers were selected the most often and which numbers were selected the least often. Thanks to this information you can create your own set of lucky numbers. You can also check in the France Loto 5/49 results from the past if your lucky numbers have ever won the jackpot.

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