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France Lotto Results

France Lotto Results Wednesday 7 April 2021



The latest France Lotto results from the Française des Jeux in France are out, following the draw on Wednesday, 7 April 2021.

As such, the France Lotto results* on Wednesday, 7 April 2021 are as follows:

France Lotto results:

9,16, 19, 35, 43,  Bonus ball: 4

+ 10 winning codes at € 20,000 **

*Do note that we endeavour to publish the France Lotto results as soon as they are released, which is usually at 21:40 South African time, or shortly thereafter.

Estimated Jackpot

The La Française des Jeux indicated that the jackpot stands at €5 million, which is approximately R88.7 million.

The rest of the France Lotto payouts for the draw as follows:

4 correct numbers €234.50 (578 recorded winners)
3 correct numbers + bonus ball €42.90 (1884 recorded winners)
3 correct numbers €17.30 (16760 recorded winners)
2 correct number + bonus ball €9.00 (25177 recorded winners)
2 correct numbers €3.90 (225807 recorded winners)

Current Draw and Jackpot History

The last time the France Lotto produced one jackpot winner was on 15 February 2021. The lucky winner walked away with an amount of €15 million (approximately R266.3 million).

France Lotto Results Trivia

Interestingly, the most commonly drawn winning numbers per the France Lotto results over the years, largely remain the same, and are 41, 13, 1, 16, 22 and 29 – with 15 bubblings under. The least drawn number is 8, which has only been drawn 171 times.

France Lotto Payouts

Similar to last Wednesday, the France Lotto draw on 7 April 2021 produced zero jackpot winners, i.e. division one (five correct numbers + bonus ball).

There were zero winners in division 2 (five correct numbers).

At the same time, a total of 53 people managed to guess four correct numbers and the bonus ball, and they walked off with an amount of €3,614.00 (R62 134.35) each for their efforts.

Meanwhile, at the bottom end of the winnings table, some 305349 people managed to match just the bonus ball, or one number plus the bonus, and they won €2.20 (R37.83) each.

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