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Greece Powerball Results Today

Greece Powerball Results Tuesday 6 April 2021



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The latest Greece Powerball results are out, following the draw on Tuesday 6 April 2021.

the Greece Powerball results on Tuesday 6 April 2021 are as follows:

Greece Powerball Results

9, 19, 22, 41, 44, Powerball: 12

*Do note that we endeavour to publish the Greece Powerball results as soon as they are released, which is usually at 4:00 South African time, or shortly thereafter.

How to Play Greece Powerball

Greece Powerball drawings take place two times per week – on Thursday and Sunday.

For a chance to win the jackpot, choose five numbers in the range from one to 45 and a Tzoker additional number from one to 20. If you don’t have the numbers that you like to play, opt for the quick pick possibility at the OPAP retail venue.

Drawings are held at 10:10 p.m. Eastern European Time (EET), and ticket sales close at about 9:30 p.m. on the night of the draw.

Tickets for Joker are very affordable – yet another reason why the game has gained so much popularity. A single entry costs 0.50 euros. Apart from submitting a standard entry, however, you can also choose one of the alternative gameplay options.

Rules to play the Greece Powerball

  • Check the time and Date is correctly mentioned, should not be misprinted.
  • After winning the lotto, contact the official outlet.
  • Don’t trust the unauthorized boxes that are offering the tickets otherwise we are not responsible to provide to winning amount.
  • Age should be 18+ otherwise you can play the draw.
  • Players can claim their prize within 2 days.
  • In case of late claiming of the prize, players have to concern the outlet senior and follow their rules and regulations.

Estimated grand prize

The Greek soccer organization Prognostics S.A indicated that the Greek Powerball Grand Prix, or its official name, Joker, for Tuesday, February 16, 2021, was € 600,000 (approximately 1,1066514.07 Rand).

Current Draw & Jackpot History

The last time the Greece Powerball produced a jackpot winner was on 14 February 2021. The lucky winner bagged an amount of €1.7 million (approximately R30 million)

Greece Powerball Trivia Results Online

The Grand Prix of February 16, 2021, of 600,000 EUR (approximately 11 066514.07 Rand), is one of the lowest amounts for the Grand Prix in 2021.

The previous highest Greek Powerball Grand Prix sums in 2020 so far were 9.2 million euros (around 169 million rand), on January 2, 2021.

In fact, in 2020 alone, the Greek soccer organization Prognostics S.A, known as OPAP, distributed more than 49.4 million euros (914.6 million rand) in total earnings to the top prize winners.

Finally, it should be noted that the most popular winning numbers based on Greek Powerball results over the years have largely remained the same, namely: 31, 37, 34, 30, 27 and 28, with 41 bubblings. . The lowest number drawn is 33 and it has been painted 188 times.

Hot and Cold numbers for the last 20 Greece Powerball draws

Meanwhile, the hot numbers for the last 20 Greece Powerball draws are 4, 31, and 40, which have been drawn 6, 5, and 5 times, respectively. On the other hand, the cold balls of the same period are 27, 19 and 9, all of which have been drawn 0 times.

Greece Powerball hot numbers are the lottery numbers that appear the most in drawings. Greece Powerball cold numbers are the numbers that appear infrequently. Some lotto players choose them specifically because of the frequency, believing that their reappearance in Greece Powerball results is only a matter of time, while others stay clear.

Most drawn numbers in Greece Powerball history

The most popular winning numbers, or hot and cold balls in Greek Powerball results for the past four years, remain largely the same, and are 31, 37, 34, 30, 4 and 28, with 41 bubbles underneath.

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