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How to Decide on Pet Insurance



Many times we don’t forget about health insurance for ourselves, or car insurance, but how many times do we think about insurance for our pets?  What happens when the day comes that your beloved pet comes down with a chronic illness, or a terrible sickness, or a horrific accident, or just needing surgery for whatever reason and it comes out to several thousands of dollars or more?  If you think of your pet as a family member and love them as such, why not give them the same care you would a family member?  If the other family members have insurance to ensure they will get the care they need should something go wrong, shouldn’t your pet also?

Just like health insurance pays for doctor visits and prescriptions, pet insurance can also pay for vet visits and medication, so you can get the benefits from pet insurance during the lifetime of the animal even if nothing dreadful happens.  Plus, you will have the peace of mind that your pet will be well taken care of no matter what, assuming of course that you get a pet insurance that covers for any type of situation.

There are many types of pet insurances, and even though pets don’t live very long compared to humans, and chances are high that eventually something will go wrong, pet insurance is not nearly as expensive as health insurance.  Only about 10-15 dollars a month is all you are expected to pay for basic coverage plans.  Of course, the amount depends on the type of coverage and where you go for insurance, but you can expect to pay around that much for a basic coverage.

Be sure to get an insurance that will go with the vets around where you live or the ones you visit!  Also, if you move a lot, consider the types of insurances that will be good in any state.  You don’t want to have to cancel an insurance and start again with another insurance company because if you do that your monthly cost could be higher as your pet would be older by then.

Also, be very careful to take notice on what your insurance will actually cover.  There are many different insurance plans that cover for different situations.  Don’t be fooled either by insurance plans labeled “all comprehensive” cause usually they do not cover everything (like auto all comprehensive plans), usually they just cover a little more than the basic.

And remember, situations change, so be sure to check your pet insurance once in a while just like you would your car and health insurance to make sure you are still getting the best deal and you are still covered for everything you need to be, cause things could have been overlooked or not realized when you took out the insurance! You can get at

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