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Know What Car Accident Lawyers Do At An Accident Site



Most of the road crashes that we see around us occur due to the negligence of drivers. Just one car accident claims lives of many and leads to loss of treasured property viz. the car. Nothing can be done when you are careful to a great extent while the other party is highly careless. The consequence of the accident will take its toll on you.

Therefore, you need to minimize the effects of this accident by taking appropriate steps to do the same. So what are the main things you need to keep in mind in case you are involved in an accident? Here are a few tips on what you need to do in case you are involved in an accident. These things need to be considered even before contacting the car accident lawyer and these few steps taken at the right time will help in the functioning of the car accident lawyer and speedup the process of redeeming your damages.

Firstly, you need to be thorough with what your insurance covers. Often it helps in paying for towing the damaged car or rental reimbursements which involves using a rental car till the original is under repair. You will have to know the tenets of your insurance policy in order to relieve yourself of extra stress during the car accident.

Secondly, file a state vehicle accident report at the police stations or often on the Department of Motor Vehicles Website as a downloadable file. This helps the insurance companies speed up the claims process. This filing should be done even if law enforcement officers do not respond to accidents devoid of injuries.

Immediately after the accident, make sure you exchange the following information of the driver and owner of each vehicle: name, address, phone number, insurance company, policy number, driver license number and license plate number. This is a very crucial step and helps establish your innocence even if you think otherwise.

Always keep provision in your car to photograph and document the accident. It is ideal to keep a camera in a less accessed compartment of the car in order to make use in such occasions. Also make a written description of each car, including year, make, model and color – and the exact location of the collision and how it happened. If there are witnesses try to get their contact numbers and helping case other drivers refute to your version of the accident.

Last but not the least, keep safety first. As soon as you have a chance to move your car to a corner of the street do it, as keeping the damaged car in the centre of the road can lead to additional accidents and loss.

Contact a car accident lawyer as early as possible with all these records with you. This will help in redeeming the losses while making the accident clear to a claims adjustor. In any case, you need to get hold of an experienced car accident lawyer. Los Angeles boasts of the expert services of Scott D. Oppenheim Attorney at Law who have provided legal professionals to handle car accident cases in the area for more than thirty years.

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