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Pet Insurance – Why Should You Get It?



Anyone who owns a pet is aware of how much they can enrich your life. They sometimes cheer you up like nothing else can and help chase the blues away. However, the fact of the matter is that pets, like human beings, do get bruised, hurt and injured. Sometimes, they also get afflicted with life-threatening conditions. If you can’t afford to get them treated, watching them suffer will break your heart. So, if you want to spare yourself and your pet some pain and anguish, it’s advisable to invest in an insurance policy.

Many people keep asking, “Is pet insurance worth it?” There’s no right answer to this. If you’re not that well off financially, investing in a low cost policy may absolve you from dealing with hefty vet bills and emergency procedure expenses. If you’re affluent it doesn’t matter either way. Many people feel that investing in pet insurance plans is totally unnecessary and wasteful as your pet may remain fit and fine throughout his lifetime and you’ll wind up paying premiums for no reason. But this is being very optimistic. There’s no telling when your pet may become the victim of a disease or meet with an accident.

Why should you get pet insurance? Here are some reasons:

Routine Checks

Veterinary science is gaining in strides and vet bills are rising by the day. Your pet has to be taken to a vet for wellness checks at least twice a year. This has to be done throughout your pet’s lifetime. Even if you can afford it at the moment, there’s no way of knowing what the future holds. A loss of employment or any other unforeseen conditions can change the equation. So, it’s best to invest in a cheap policy to take care of routine checks and minor treatments.

Injury or Disease

If your pet is outdoors most of the time, the odds of it meeting with an accident are greater. It may swallow something it’s not supposed to or may stumble and fall. If your pet decides to be adventurous and saunter off by itself, it also runs the risk of getting run down by a passing vehicle. Besides, there are certain conditions like arthritis and cancer which are prevalent in certain breeds. The cost for treating such conditions can be outrageous. Your best bet may be to invest in a basic insurance plan that covers these treatments.

Liability Suits

Your pet may be fairly docile at home but may not be as friendly or mild in the company of other human beings or their pets. If your pet suddenly flies off the handle and harms another individual or pet, you may have to bear the expenses for their treatment and can even get threatened with liability suits. So, the most feasible way to deal with these expenses would be to get an insurance policy.

Multiple Pets

If you own more than a single pet, you’ll have to take care of pet care expenses for all your pets. This can send your household budget flying through the roof. There are many insurance companies that offer discount pet insurance plans for all your pets. If you own multiple pets it may be wise to invest in one of these.

Getting the cheapest pet insurance there is may not be the best plan in the world. There should be a trade off between cost and coverage. If you’re still asking, “Should I get pet insurance?” Take a look at your pet and your bank balance and decide whether it is worth it or not.

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