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Questions to Ask When Buying Pet Insurance



Ensuring you get the right insurance cover for your pet depends upon how much time you are willing to invest in looking for the right deal – and also whether you ask the right questions.

Many insurers offer varying levels of cover for pet insurance and some even offer a choice between standard and enhanced cover. Premiums will of course vary too, so if you are thinking of buying pet insurance make sure you ask all the pertinent questions at the time of getting a quote; not only will you get the best policy for your pet, but you will personally receive the best financial deal.

Some important questions you may consider asking when you request a pet insurance quotation include:

  • Is your pet covered? If you have a cat or dog you will find that most pet insurance policies will be available to you, but if you have a smaller or even an exotic pet, for example, you may need to find specialist pet insurance.
  • Does the cover come with a guarantee for the lifetime of the pet? Some policies are reviewed annually and others are fixed for the lifetime of the pet. Make sure that you find out which is being offered before you commit to buying or you could find premiums escalate rapidly as your pet gets older.
  • What is the annual limit in the case of vets’ fees and does that annual limit apply to just one condition? Find out what the absolute limit of vets’ fees per year applies for the policy and also whether that absolute limit covers a number of conditions or just one. They vary according to insurer, so make sure you opt for one that offers sufficient cover for any likely problems.
  • At what age does the coverage start? Many pet insurance policies specify a minimum age before coverage commences. Make sure you are aware of this before agreeing to buy a policy for a new-born pet, as you may not be covered for any incidents or illnesses before the pet reaches that age.
  • Does the insurer offer a 24-hour vet helpline? If you discover a problem with your pet late at night or on a weekend – or any other time when it is inconvenient for you to get to a vet – you will welcome access to a 24-hour vet helpline who can give you immediate advice relating to your pet’s condition. Some policies offer this as standard, for others you may have to pay an extra premium. For many pet owners having access to such a vet helpline is an essential part of their pet policy.

Of course, you may wish to ask other questions relevant to your particular pet, but those stated above will help you focus on exactly what you want from your  cover, and ensure that you get the most appropriate deal.

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