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UK49s Predictions Today; May 2022 Updated

Welcome to the UK49s Predictions webpage. We will help you to win today’s Uk49s draws. We provide daily bases Lunchtime and Teatime predictions, both are the main draws of the UK 49s Lottery. Here, you can find the Today’s, tomorrow’s, and upcoming UK 49s Predictions. These predictions are announced by our 4 teams. But no one knows about the confirmed number, so we are not 100% sure about these predicted numbers. Just check our predictions, News, and play on your behalf. We had more than 4000 winners last month. Play with confidence.

Get the Today Lunchtime Prediction Monday 4 April 2022. Check Uk49s Predictions for Today before coming out the Lunchtime Results. Visit Lunchtime Prediction today before the draw. Now you will get the predictions of 3, 4, and 6 numbers. Most of the players demand the 6 and 4 numbers in UK 49 Predictions. Please check these numbers and make a new number on the basis of your patterns.

49s Lunchtime Predictions for Monday, 04 April 2022

Hot numbers with high probability: 17, 26, 47

Cold numbers with low probability: 8, 27

47 is UK49 overall highest drawn number

Other numbers to consider:

Number/Numbers not drawn in the last 10 days for both lunchtime and teatime:

Possible Pairs: 23 41, 37 46, 16 23, 25 38

49s Teatime Predictions for Monday, 04 April 2022

Hot numbers with high probability: 15, 37, 47

Cold numbers with low probability: 12, 36

47 is UK49 overall highest drawn number

Other numbers to consider:

Number/Numbers not drawn in the last 10 days for both lunchtime and teatime:

2 12 25

Possible Pairs: 12 43, 39 43, 5 43, 12 48

UK49s Lunchtime Predictions Today 04 April 2022 – Get the UK49s Lunchtime Results, latest UK49s Lunchtime Results, and Lunchtime Result Today on this page. The Lunchtime Results will be declared at 12:49 UTC+01:00. If you have missed out to check the UK49s Lunchtime previous Lottery Numbers, then have look at the Results, which consists of the UK49s Lunchtime previous Result List.

How does UK49s Lunchtime Predictions Works?

Our team is consists of 5 members that have almost 17 Years of experience and they take part in every uk49s game just to chase the pattern of numbers. Every member predicts their own numbers. Then, these numbers are drawn in a special pattern. Make sure that these numbers are not confirmed so use these numbers on their own.

Get the Today Uk49s Teatime Prediction Monday 4 April 2022. Uk49s Predictions for Today before coming out the Teatime Prediction Check the Hot and Cold Numbers for the Teatime Results. It is the Latest upcoming Teatime Prediction on 16 February 2022. The teatime predictions for today will help you to get the actual Teatime prediction number. You can check the prediction every day. These upcoming numbers are not guessed numbers.

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How do UK49s Predictions Work?

UK49s is a dairy-based lottery draw in which you have to pick between one and five numbers from a pool of 49 and match them with the numbers randomly selected in the draw. The more numbers you match, the more you win, and your prize amount is also determined by how much you bet.

Six standard numbers are selected in every draw, followed by a Bouns Ball. You can choose to enter a six-digit draw (excluding the Bouns Ball) or a seven-digit draw (including the Bouns Ball). The extra number means that the seven-number draw is easier to win, so the odds of winning are better and the prizes smaller than those in the six-number draw.

How to Win UK49s?

With regard to these figures, you may select any lunchtime predictions. The predictions are based on past results. There are a variety of draws on UK49 during lunchtime and teatime. The most reliable teatime and lunchtime predictions could be found at our site.

The most accurate prediction will be revealed by our team. Our team consists of retired members of Lotto who will be able to predict the most accurate possibility of predicting UK49. These predictions can also help you win today.

While we aren’t able to determine the exact figures, however, our UK49s Predictions are generally about 50% accurate. Be confident by staying updated on the most recent predictions.  We provide teatime results and lunchtime forecasts based on records from the past.

UK49s Predictions Today 49s Results History Updated 2022

Bonus Ball:

The last number drawn in the lottery draw is referred to as the “Bonus Ball”. You choose a number between 1 to 49. You win 45 times the amount you used to play the lottery if you successfully match the bonus ball

How to Play UK49s from South Africa

As is the case in the UK49s Predictions the only way to enter the 49s game is by placing a bet. It isn’t possible to play through a National Lottery operator.

The entry methods via different betting websites may vary, however, the general rules for playing are as follows:

  • Pick your numbers: You choose between one and five numbers from a range of 1 to 49, whether you are entering the six-number or seven-number draw.
  • Enter your bet amount: You can choose how much you want to bet. Speak to your bookmaker to find out the minimum and maximum bets allowed.
  • Play the Booster Ball: Confirm whether you want to play the six-number draw or the seven-number draw – the latter allows you to match the Booster Ball.
  • Confirm which draws to enter: Choose whether to enter the lunchtime draw, teatime draw, or both.
  • Pay for your entries: The total entry cost depends on how much you choose to wager on each set of numbers.

UK49s Prizes: What You Can Win?

There are no fixed prizes in either of the UK49s draws; a ‘pure odds’ system is used instead, which pays you out based on the odds set by the bookmaker.

To calculate how much you have won, you need to multiply your betting amount by the odds of winning. Bookmakers can set their own odds, so they may vary depending on where you play, but you can find approximate odds of winning and example prize amounts in the table below:

Division Numbers Picked Example Odds
(6-Number Draw)
Prize (R10 Wager) Example Odds
(7-Number Draw)
Prize (R10 Wager)
1 5 150,000/1 R1,500,000 50,000/1 R500,000
2 4 8,000/1 R80,000 4,500/1 R45,000
3 3 650/1 R6,500 328/1 R3,280
4 2 66/1 R660 45/1 R450
5 1 6/1 R60 5/1 R50

Betting shops set their own minimum and maximum bets, so you should check the odds and possible betting amounts before you choose your numbers.

How UK49s Predictions Calculated:

Players want to get the first update about the latest UK 49 predictions and results so Subscribe to for up to date your self about UK 49s draws.

The number that appears most in the previous pattern will have more chances to appear in the predictions. Predictions are just helpful for the players. It is not the confirmed number. Anyone can not tell about the confirmed predicted numbers.

If any app or website provides you with a confirmed number then please do not accept their offer. They have different methods of deceiving players. Just trust it in yourself & play with your confidence.

History of  UK 49 Latest Results

Today, you are a lottery winner and it is vital to learn about the background and history of the UK lottery, and then take part in the uk49 latest results for beginners. The organization has been in operation since 1990 to create a more powerful economy for the people of their country. Since all countries have their own national lottery, the UK Government has decided to run and manage it.

If a government has launched the UK lottery program, it has generated more funds. In turn, using the lottery funds, lotto funds have helped fund many programs. 49s lottery has benefited various Welfares, NGO’s, Health Programs, etc.

When the government analyzes the passion of the people and then announces new exciting news, by offering each player the chance to play twice a day, in the most recent 49s lunchtime results history and the 49’s teatime results.

The interesting this is that it is legal and tax-free in playing. After day by day, the UK lotto gets a lot of attention and more than 345 million people participate in each everyday draw.

When Uk49s Predictions will be Announced?

Our team has received most of the queries is “when is Lunchtime and Teatime prediction announced“? So 49sresult have decided to provide some brief information.

As Lunchtime Result announces by the official team then the Hot and the cold ball is also updated. Then, our team member analyzes the Following:

  • Lunchtime Results or Teatime Results
  • Previous Month Results
  • Previous Year month Result
  • Current hot and cold balls
  • Previous Hot and cold balls
  • Latest UK49s Teatime Predictions

By combining these factors a new number occurs. You can visit every 5 minutes after the results to check the UK 49s Predictions.

Hot and Cold Predictions

Here you can find hot and cold predictions for the next 49s draw; find out which number sets could be the most, or least, likely to appear in the next draw, according to frequency calculations detailed in the table further below.

The Hot and Cold predictions represent the numbers that have appeared the most and least frequently after draws containing numbers from the most recent draw. The Hot Total and Cold Total predictions are based on the average frequency of each number combined with the frequency of its appearance in subsequent draws.


Can I play UK49s in South Africa?

Betting is available from different bookmakers around the world, including South Africa.

If you’re looking for alternative games that you can also play online from South Africa, try Pick 3. That too is played twice a day and lets you decide how to bet.

How much does it cost to play?

There is no fixed cost – you get to decide how much to bet. Individual bookmakers set their own minimum and maximum bets, but you can bet any amount within those limits.

What’s the difference between six-number and seven-number draws?

If you play a six-number draw, you can match any of your chosen numbers with the first six numbers drawn. It does not count, however, if you match one of your numbers with the Booster Ball. In a seven-number draw, you can use the Booster Ball as one of your matches, so it is easier to win.

What time must I have my bets placed by?

Although it varies with companies, typically you’ll need to place your bets at least 15 minutes before the draw.

How many balls do I have to bet on in 49’s Lotto?

The choice is yours. You can bet on between 1 and 5 balls being drawn from the main 6 balls (or 7 if you want to include the booster ball and get slightly fewer winnings but make it easier). This flexibility is one of the reasons betting on the lotteries is so popular

When do UK49s draws take place?

The lunchtime draw takes place at 13:49 SAST and the teatime draw takes place at 18:49 SAST. However, the UK observes Daylight Saving Time, so the results may be confirmed an hour later at certain times of the year.

Do I have to pay taxes on my winnings from betting on the 49s Lotto?

Since 2012 there has been a tax introduced in South Africa to all gambling winnings over R25,000. This tax is set at 15%. Please check the government website for the latest information

What is the 49’s Prize Structure?

The prize structure varies depending on which bookmaker you choose to bet with. See our simple 49’s odds comparison table


This analysis/prediction isn’t confirmed and should not be taken as a solid tip; hence, cannot be held accountable for any inaccuracy in the outcome of the results. Like all lotteries around the globe, there is no assurance that a selected number/combo will be drawn.